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Together with our community partner, PenFinancial Credit Union we are working together to achieve lasting impact. We bring to you a series of educational videos with the intent educate and advocate with uncompromising honesty. This video series shares the daily challenges women are facing in our community. We invite you to have those difficult discussions, to ask us questions. To consider being part of the change. We honour and appreciate your time spend learning more about Gillian’s Place and the courageous women and children we serve.


I was the pre-natal nurse and always wondered why she was at her check-ups alone. Now her sweet baby won’t stop crying, she senses the fear and anger at home. How can Jen keep the baby safe when she can’t keep herself safe?

Gillian’s Place provides a safe space for you and your children.


We were at their wedding. Marriage is union of love, respect and care. All relationships go through ups and downs but no one person in that special relationship should ever feel scared, threatened, stalked or invisible. There is a safe space for you at Gillian’s Place.


The nice lady down the street who always looks nervous and has the husband who doesn’t even bring in the garbage cans. Just because there are no bruises on the outside doesn’t mean there is no abuse. Financial and emotional abuse can happen before you recognize the patterns. Find your safe space at Gillian’s Place.


I remember when they met. They were perfect for each other and inseparable. The first hit is never ok and likely won’t be the last. You can get help and feel loved in a safe space.


The girl next door with the cell phone permanently in her hand. Starting high school can be difficult, have those hard conversations to keep your teen safe and aware of what is not ok. Safe Spaces are the best places.

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