The Vagina Monologues (third party event)

single-calendar 28 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020

Join us on February 28th and 29th, 2020 to Support the 2020 V-Day Campaign.
This year's production brings the play back to it's original form; a group of women speaking to you in an intimate setting. All of the proceeds from the show are donated to Gillian's Place.

For more information, visit the Facebook page.

Tickets are 25$ at the door or 20$ in advance.

Pre Sale Tickets:

Saturday Night's Performance turns into a Dance Party with DJ Brize!!

Direction By: Genevieve Jones
Stage Management: Amanda McDonnell
Musical Direction by: Laurel Minnes
Featuring: Katey Gatta
Starring: Erica Sherwood, Cat Skinner, Catharine Parker, Emily Andrews, Kristina Ojaperv, Darcie Rougoor, Jillian Dowling, Jules Bartley, Jenny Aarndt, Brie Watson, Amanda McDonnell, and Michelle Cameron.
Hosted by: CAMP CATARACT with the help of Adam Buller and Katie Webb.


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